What We Do

We know you’re busy. You have patients to care for, procedures to perform, and a practice to manage. You don’t have time to keep an eye on billing, so you need to trust your billing company. Take a look at some of the many services Engage offers.

Charge Capture & Claim Editing

Payer Credentialing, Negotiation & Contract Compliance

Coding & Coding Reviews

Denial Management & Fee Review

Management Reports & Performance Assessments

Accounts Receivable Follow Up

You Can Trust Engage

We don’t just send out the bills and post payments. We use a unique methodology to ensure we miss nothing. We automatically track every patient visit, every case, every procedure, every reimbursement. That’s why we’re able to identify payers that are consistently late, payers that skimp on particular procedures, and payers that tend to miss payments unless prodded. We’re dedicated to getting you the payment you’ve earned.

“Our gross collection rate for our practices prior to partnering with ENGAGE was 50 percent of gross charges. The aggregate gross collections of these same practices a year later were 62 percent! This represents a 24 percent improvement in cash collections as a result of ENGAGE’s efforts.”

Don Avery, Senior Vice President

Columbus Regional Healthcare System