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Incorrect or missing codes mean lost revenue—you could perform a procedure and never receive payment for it. Do this enough times and your business will suffer. And coding isn’t static—it’s changing rapidly. Plenty of billing companies are pretty good at coding and keeping up with trends, but is “pretty good” really good enough for you?
How ENGAGE can help
ENGAGE is proud of its exemplary record in optimizing coding for our clients. Our certified coders are well versed in all of the latest industry literature, and they stay up on all the latest changes through their required Continuing Education (CEUs). We know what’s happening right now in coding, and we know how to keep your coding accurate and compliant. We even offer informational sessions to improve your documentation and coding.
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If you’re in charge of a physician group practice, you need to get the facts about billing. Even if you think your current system is working, you’ll be surprised at the many other ways we can boost your bottom line and streamline your processes. If you’re looking for information on how to make your medical billing more productive—without micromanagement or complications—then you’re in the right place.