Charge Capture & Claim Editing

Charge & Capture

Do you really know if your billing company is capturing every charge? Probably not—and lost charges mean lost income. You could be missing charges for years and never know it.
How ENGAGE can help
Our charge verification process tracks every patient visit or case. Once it’s in the database, we can follow it to make certain every service you provide is billed. If a charge is missing, we’ll follow up to find out why. Most other companies don’t track charges in such detail.

Claim Editing

Medical billing is rife with tales of claims that go missing or get bogged down in the system. Some claims are incomplete; some are denied; some are paid late. You might have outstanding claims that you don’t even know about. All of this adds up to lost revenue.
How ENGAGE can help
Our process sends each claim through a comprehensive editing system. These edits improve claim quality and decrease the amount of time a claim spends in the process. If a claim fails our edits, our billing specialists and certified coders work on it until the claim is acceptable to bill. Other companies send claims out and then try to correct them after they’re denied by the payer.
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